Man Camp

Fri, March 15, 2019

Eastern Man Camp...

A three day, two night, men's event where we will hear from Brad Phillips of Baker City. There will be wonderful meals, great accommodations, and exciting competitions. Every paid registration qualifies for the giveaway of a 2018 Polaris Quad with a trailer. There will be an archery and a shotgun clay shoot contest. Please be sure to fill out the required forms and safety releases. Male students 9-12 grade are welcome to attend and will require an additional release from a guardian to participate in any sportsman competitions.

This event is for Men of all ages, including school ages students 9-12 grade.
Total Event Cost: $150 Adults / $135 Teens

Register Online
Forms and information available but please be sure to register for Eastern Man Camp toward the bottom of the page.

What should people bring?:
 Sleeping gear (beds provided & RV options available).
Clothing appropriate for the weather.
Swim wear for the hot springs pool.

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