Men's Honor Bound

March 1, 2012

TO SIGN UP FOR THIS GROUP, VISIT WWW.PENDLETONFIRST.COM/GROUPS This group is for men to encourage men as we walk and sometimes battle through the trials of life. We'll do this using God focused media, prayer, music and will be open and expectant for the Holy Spirit to direct and lead us each night unfolds. When real men get together with real issues and strip away all the phony personas we put on and then allow God to move and work in us - which isn't always easy, but is always good - we can be restored and infused with the power to keep moving in God's direction and his purpose. God wants men to rise up and be used for Him the way we were created to be used. But we at times need to know that someone has your back in this battle. Meets every Thursday from 7:00 - 8:30 pm starting March 1st.