Serve Team

As the church, we are referred to in Scripture as the body of Christ (Romans 12:4-8, I Corinthians 12:12-31). Each of us has a set of unique gifts and talents that can be used to carry out the overall ministry and function of the church. Getting involved by serving at Pendleton First is a great way to serve Jesus, get connected, and become part of the community of Pendleton First. Below is a list of areas where you can get involved along with more information about each area.  
If you're interested in serving, fill out the form below and select your area(s) of interest. You will be contacted shortly with more information and the next steps to get involved.

Areas to Serve

First Impressions Team 
The First Impressions team includes golf cart shuttle drivers for those with mobility issues, door-persons, ushers, and greeters. The team serves during our Sunday Morning Services as the first impression people get of Pendleton First and provides a smiling face and a warm greeting that helps them feel comfortable and know where to go once they arrive on our campus.

Baby's Place & Toddler's Place
 The Nursery Team consists of volunteers who love God and love children.  Help is needed during our Sunday Morning Services, Celebration Place Sunday evening, and during our Wednesday evening Family Night.
Volunteers must be high-school aged teens or adults and will hold and feed infants, teach and play with toddlers, or help with the check-in/check-out processes for safety and security of our children.
All volunteers will need a background check and Pastoral approval prior to serving.

Volunteers are needed to teach preschoolers, be a teacher's assistant, or to help with check-in before service and check-out after service during Sunday morning or Sunday evening Celebration Place.
Are you an adult or teen 7th grade and up? Love Jesus? Love children? Sign up to volunteer! All volunteers must complete a background check and have Pastor approval before serving.

Elementary Age
Kid's Place, Royal Rangers & Girl's Ministry  
The Kid's Place team is looking for volunteers on Sunday Morning and evenings to teach, play games, and build friendships with the elementary-aged children in our church.
We also need help on Wednesday evenings during our Family Night service to help our boys and girls learn more about growing and walking with God. If you have passion for kids or a passion to teach the word of God, we have a place for you!
 All volunteers will need a background check and Pastoral approval prior to serving.

Pendleton First Youth 
 Our Youth Ministry is looking for adults willing to invest in the lives of Middle and High School students who can help them discover a life of hope that can only come through a relationship with Jesus. You can serve as a mentor and leader to help them navigate this ever-changing time of life. Volunteers are needed during our Wednesday Family Night Service, at The Landing on Sunday Evenings, and for various events throughout the year.  
All volunteers will need a background check and Pastoral approval prior to serving.

18:29 Young Adults

18:29 Young Adults is looking for volunteers during our Monday evening gatherings.  Our time together is low-key and casual in nature, providing a safe environment and time of connection and encouragement to help young adults navigate the uncertainty that young adulthood brings with God's help and the support of a community of fellow followers of Jesus. Volunteers are needed to help make coffee, help attendees feel welcome, and to participate in planning and carrying out events and activities.

Worship Team 
Our worship team is looking for passionate and energetic individuals with musical giftings to serve during our Sunday Morning Service, Celebrate Recovery on Sunday Evening, and our Wednesday Evening Family Night. We are looking for instrumentalists and vocalists with a heart after God and a desire to use their God-given talents to lead the congregation into God's presence in musical worship. We're not looking for performers, we want worshippers.

Technical Team
Our Technical Team includes our Sound and Media technicians that serve during our weekly gatherings, including Sunday Morning, Celebrate Recovery, and Family Night.  We are looking for technical-minded individuals who are quick on their feet, teachable, and adaptable.  The Technical team exists to enhance our gatherings with professionalism and excellence.

Cooking Meals 
We are looking for volunteers who are interested in preparing and delivering meals for church family members needing assistance after having a baby, a medical procedure, or some other traumatic life event.  This allows us to show God's love and care for them in their time of difficulty and need and to be His compassion in action.

Van Ministry 
The Van Ministry is looking for safe and capable drivers who are willing to drive our church vehicles to pick people up for our weekly services and take them home after.  This helps those with transportation challenges still be able to attend and be a part of the body of Christ in person. Drivers will need to complete the church driver's application and mandatory safety training, as well as a background check and Pastoral approval prior to serving.

Women's Ministry
  Our Women's Ministry is looking for dedicated volunteers who can help decorate the church seasonally and for events, serve in the kitchen, and help plan events for women.

Men's Ministry
Men who are willing to assist with upkeep and special projects around the church, to assist with the needs of the
congregation, and to help plan and carry out events.

Security Team 
Our Security Team serves during our services and events to help keep our people and facilities safe and secure. Team members are needed for Sunday Morning, Celebrate Recovery, Family Night, and large church events.  
If you have a background in security or law enforcement, you'd be a great fit for this vital team!

Church Events Team
 We are looking for people of all ages who are willing to help with the set-up, execution, and tear-down for church events. Examples of events include our back-to-school outreach, church picnics, church in the park, and more. Volunteers on this team will be contacted a few weeks prior to upcoming events to arrange scheduling according to needs.

Special Projects Team 
We are looking for individuals who are willing to serve on an as-needed basis for special projects around our property from time to time.  This can include things like light construction work, painting, assembling furniture, groundskeeping, and more.  This team will serve in assistance of our Facilities Team when projects require more hands or need a quick turn-around.

Celebrate Recovery
Support with Prayer, Kitchen Help, Security, Van Drivers, Clean-up, Set-up, Sound and Tech support

Serve at Pendleton First